Exhibition catalogue of photographer Maxim Marmur dedicated to 20 years anniversary since the beginning of the Second Chechen War. This is an integrated graphic object, including catalogue and poster in one item. By folding the poster in a certain way, it transforms to a dust cover. Hole sizes in a poster / cover are matched to gun calibres 7.62 mm, 30 mm and 76 mm.

Services Editorial and Poster Design
Client Krista Photogallery,
The Lumiere brothers Center for Photography

Photographer Maxim Marmur
Curator Evgeny Berezner
Pre-press Vladimir Semenkov
Print management Bureau Mayak (Agata Chachko, Anastasiya Doktorova, Alexander Bykov)
Typefaces Den Haag
Year 2019

Awards STA100 2019. The Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago
European Design Awards 2020. Silver Award
Joseph Binder Award 2020. Silver Award

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