The Coal People project devoted to miners of Russian Siberia and the Far East. Photographer Maxim Marmur spent more than three years working on the project. The book consists of two parts—White and Black. This kind of division splits narration about the miner's surroundings on “above” and “under.” To reach the underground, the spectator has to force himself to physically flip the book upside down.

Services Book Design
Publisher Damiani
Client SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company) 
Photographer Maxim Marmur
Curator Evgeny Berezner
Text Evgeny Berezner, Irina Chmyreva, Maxim Marmur
Translation Olga Perevalova, Jessica Mroz
Pre-press Vladimir Semenkov
Print adviser Agata Chachko
Print Faenza Group, Italy
Typefaces Atlas Grotesk
Year 2020

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