Multilingual product catalogue for European market. The print run was splitted in six languages. It is 5 colour print (CMYK + Pantone), only the typographic part was printed in Pantone. It means, from the technical point of view, during the printing process only one section in the machine was changing from language to language. Colour images were printed from the same forms. Colour range diversity on covers achieved by using different hot stamping foils with the same cliche form. Lifestyle and studio images have been created by photographer Maxim Marmur.

Services Editorial Design
Client Вiotrisse AG
Project coordination Beatrix Hidvegi, Maria Galchuk
Photographer Maxim Marmur
Translation Jessica Mroz
Pre-press Vladimir Semenkov
Print management Bureau Mayak (Agata Chachko)
Typeface Fedra Sans
Year 2019

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